Thursday, April 14, 2016

April Mental Health Focus: Anxiety

Welcome to the Carolina Partners in Mental Healthcare's Be Well Blog! We are excited to have this platform where we can share resources, stories and inspiration with you and also hear about your experiences.

For April, we are focusing on Anxiety.
We've all been there! On some level everyone has experienced anxiety in their lifetime. It's that cold prickle of worry that distracts your mind from a beautiful day. It's rapid heartbeats and tense muscles. It's fear of speaking in public. It's the sinking cloud of nervousness in your chest.

Often anxiety can be a helpful tool for us to learn what we're nervous or worried about--or to keep us out of unsafe situations. For many people though, anxiety is too active, and too present; it causes a lot of suffering and dysfunction and becomes debilitating. In those cases, anxiety becomes a disorder and people experiencing it often benefit from outside help. Anxiety disorders can manifest in many different ways. If you have trouble sleeping or falling asleep because of anxious thoughts, for example, or if you have persistent anxiety every day that increases your fatigue, then you would likely benefit from receiving outside help.

We want to hear from you!

• What are your experiences with anxiety? 
• What does anxiety feel like for you? 
• How have you learned to manage it better? 
• Where do you think you could still use help?

In the comments below, please share your own experiences with that strange beast Anxiety, including your stories, thoughts, triumphs, heartaches and struggles.